Present and future

The present

Millions of hydraulic components sold, 100 employees, 3 production units, 3 exclusive secondary supplier companies, certified Quality Assurance. With these results, Fugas confirms its leadership in Italy and in Europe, in its 40th year of operation. And the expansion continues.
7 million components sold worldwide


Italy 46,0% Europe 45,0% Asia 5,9% Other 3,1%

The future

Fugas is strongly focussed on continuing its development. Our short - and medium - term goals are:
  • strengthening of the growth rate, acquisition of new market share and new clients
  • consolidation of new markets, particularly in Asia
  • involvement with companies that produce components for wall-mounted boilers
  • increased investment in Design and Development


Strengthening of the growth rate Consolidation of new markets Involvement with companies Increased investment

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